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Tools mechanic

Build the tools that build the cars. Manufacture die-cutting and forming tools by machine and by hand, and follow technical drawings and production plans with pinpoint precision.

On this traineeship (max. three and a half years) you are trained in manual and mechanical material processing techniques, such as sawing, drilling, reaming, thread tapping, turning, milling, grinding, separating and forming. You will learn to set up, test and optimize programs for computer-controlled processing methods. The assembly, inspection and wiring of pneumatic and electro-pneumatic gearshift systems forms part of your training, as does the preparation of technical documents and drawings. You also learn to plan, monitor and optimize work processes and to assess the findings.

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At these locations the apprenticeship is offered:

Thank you for expressing your interest in a vocational training and/or a dual study program in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Group AG. Our vocational traineeships and dual study programs are just as suited to women as men, and we also welcome applications from people with disabilities.

Technical vocational training procedure

You learn all important basics in the training workshop for your training profession and in projects and come into contact with state-of-the-art technology from the very beginning. After basic training, you will strengthen the content you have learned in operations, such as in our production, the service areas and in different projects - the ideal combination of theory and practice.

After half of the training period, you will submit your interim exam/final exam part 1. At the end of your training, the final exam/final exam follows part 2 - and you are an expert of your subject.

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