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David Weber

Multiple perspectives, steep learning curve.

At Mercedes-Benz Management Consulting, it's all about providing strategic advice for the top management at the Mercedes-Benz Group. David Weber reveals how this works and what qualifications are needed. The 31-year-old Senior Consultant joined the company in 2018.

Hello Mr. Weber, please introduce yourself briefly. What is your academic and career background? What do you like doing in your spare time?

Weber: I studied business management, majoring in supply chain management and international management, in Mannheim and Cologne. After graduating, I gained my first professional experience at a management consultancy. I joined Mercedes-Benz's in-house strategic consultancy team in 2018. In my free time, I'm a keen outdoor-sports enthusiast and enjoy being in the mountains - walking and cycling in the summer or skiing in the winter.

Why did you choose management consulting at the Mercedes-Benz Group? What's exciting about this area of work?

The great thing about consulting is that you learn about many different facets of the company within a short time on account of the generally short project durations. In addition to this, I work with people in my day-to-day work and feel I can make things happen. All in all, it's a job rich in variety that is challenging but, at the same time, also great fun.

What is your work routine like?

Our goal is to advise our senior management at the Mercedes-Benz Group on strategic issues. In concrete terms, this means we support our clients, who are also our colleagues, in temporary teams. We work together to develop solutions and strategies and then initiate their implementation. The projects vary widely: Be it in the Development or After-Sales unit, for smart, or in Sindelfingen or Shanghai.
In my role as Senior Consultant, I am responsible for certain work packages within the overall project and also lead my own project team.

Why did you choose us as your employer?

Firstly, it was the automotive industry, which greatly excites me. There are big changes happening in the sector right now: Be it alternative drive forms, the issue of mobility, i.e. how we will get from A to B in future, or digitalization. I find it immensely exciting to be witnessing and helping to shape these and many other topics. Secondly, I wanted to come to Mercedes-Benz because I have always had a close affinity with Stuttgart and the brand.

How do you prepare for a role as a consultant? Is there any training for this?

In the first instance, it's always about being inquisitive, rising to new challenges, and wanting to keep improving. Training then helps to give you the tools you need.
Whereas training for newcomers tends to focus on how to approach a problem in a structured way, how to analyze or present and communicate results professionally, the training for experienced consultants concentrates more on things like creating a convincing storyline that is clear and consistent - from problem identification to the solution and recommended action.

How is your team composed? What academic background should applicants have?

We are a diverse team. Since we are heavily reliant on technical know-how, we have many colleagues who have an engineering background working alongside our business management specialists. But experts in other disciplines are also represented and welcome here.
Many of us arrive from management consultancies. But we also have colleagues who have moved to us from other areas of the Group or join us straight after graduating. Essentially we are looking for strong personalities who want to make things happen and who are willing to rise to challenges and assume responsibility. We work together as a team to which everybody contributes their individual strengths.