People of change

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Everyone knows the feeling of jumping into cold water. Of the unknown. The feeling of success. And of failure. People deal with change in different ways. That's why at Mercedes-Benz Group we asked: What drives employees? What motivates them and how do they personify their role as a "Game Changer"? Personal insights from colleagues for colleagues, and for those who want to become ones.

Bestfit Engineer in East London

Mashudu Munyai, is telling us why she sees a car door through different eyes than others:
"When I see the cars that I am building driving around, and my friends or family driving these cars, looking at a door- they just see a “door”. But I see the value and the effort we put in building that door."

IT Project Manager in Sindelfingen

Zena Ballout, speaks about intercultural experience and how she has developed:
„What’s fascinating is the search for this feeling of excitement. The feeling of the unknown. That’s something that motivates us to keeping changing.“

Innovation & Concept Manager in Beijing

Shiqi Zhang, talks about changing workplaces and how she finds her way in a new environment:
„Each time I moved from one country to another, it was a big change for me.
I moved several times between China and Germany. This is where Daimler comes in. It is such a big company with so many different working models. It doesn’t matter where you live or maybe move to, you can always continue your career”.