Change waits for no one - We shape the future.

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The world is changing – and so is our business model. Mobility has become more than simply purchasing a vehicle.

Completely new products and services are emerging, stretching beyond our core business. Connected, digital and global. For us, this means new opportunities to delight our customers!

But at the same time we are facing new challenges: Products, customer expectations and working environments are changing. We inform and communicate differently, we are launching new products into new markets and we are building up expertise in fields that go beyond our previous core business.

Leadership culture? Cultural leader!

Employees have also changed: they demand more freedom of choice than previous generations, and more opportunities to implement ideas in a flexible work environment. We are adjusting to these changes with concrete steps to make a real difference in our organization. The goal: a culture of cooperation that will also ensure our success in the future.

Since January 2016, several thousand colleagues from various fields, regions and hierarchical levels have been actively participating in Leadership 2020, now known as Leadership 20X. The culture of the future is created by the people who know our company best: ourselves. It is an initiative that has been open and transparent from the beginning, with the involvement and support from all levels - not only from the Board of Management.

Distributed into eight teams around the world, we have taken a decentralized approach. 144 participants. Eight global workshops. Over 150 ideas. This is the input we need to write a new chapter in the history of the company – clear and direct indicators of where we need to become better.

The following emerged in eight global workshops: eight Leadership Principles and eight Game Changers.

The eight Leadership Principles (Customer Orientation, Pioneering Spirit, Learning, Agility, Purpose, Empowerment, Driven to Win and Co-Creation) form the framework for our common understanding of how we will lead, want to be led and work together in the future. In order to be able to truly live those principles and to embed them into the organization, the so-called Game Changers emerged - enablers for the Leadership Principles.

In decentralized, swarm-like teams, the personnel system was revised, policies and processes were streamlined and new working methods established. All this with the goal to make the Group faster and even more agile.

A cultural change like this doesn’t happen overnight. Leadership 2020 has become more than just an initiative. Cultural transformation has become an integral part of the company and is therefore carried on under the name Leadership 20X. An ongoing process, to which we are asking all colleagues to contribute. We are constantly learning, adapting and paving the way for a successful future for Mercedes-Benz Group AG..